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Denver’s R-Anell Named County Industry of the Year

R-Anell Housing Group, LLC. was named the Lincoln County Industry of the Year by the Lincoln Economic Development Association (LEDA). The company received the award at the Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce’s annual banquet. LEDA’s award recognizes four components for selection. First, the industry must have made a positive impact in Lincoln County within the last year. Second, the industry must be involved with Lincoln County through direct financial, time, and/or other significant contributions. Next, the industry must be a leader in its field and have produced a positive performance during its last fiscal year. And finally, the company must maintain the highest standards of conduct in working with the community, government, other business and its own employees. R-Anell, the oldest, most established manufacturer of custom homes in the Southeast, has called Lincoln County home for 30 years. R-Anell Homes, a privately owned company started in Lincoln County in 1972, has 350 employees and operates two manufacturing facilities in Denver and Cherryville. The company and its management have been recognized as leaders in the industry. R-Anell Homes President Dennis Jones is currently serving his second year as the vice chairman of the National Manufactured Housing Institute (NMHI). Andy Miller, R-Anell Homes’ general manager, is currently serving as the first vice president of the North Carolina Manufactured Housing Institute (NCMHI). Following this term, he will serve as president of NCMHI. R-Anell Homes has a strong presence in the Lincoln County community. The company is a corporate donor to the Lincoln County YMCA and the Lincoln County Library System. R-Anell Homes supports the Lincoln County Coalition Against Child Abuse and is a Gold Corporate Sponsor for Relay for Life. Additionally, the company is very supportive of Lincoln County Schools by hosting events such as facility tours, providing PR network capabilities for classrooms and supporting the Lincoln County Schools Total Quality Education Steering Committee. “It is impossible to name all of the contributions and activities of R-Anell Homes,” said Darrell Gettys, chair of LEDA. “I would, however, like to commend R-Anell’s commitment to giving back to the community while producing a product of such high quality.” R-Anell Homes is an industry leader providing builders with a variety of custom home designs ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 square-feet. R-Anell’s custom engineering and specialized manufacturing provide superior homes and numerous options for custom builders. R-Anell Homes just won a national Model Home Design Award from the National Association of Home Builders Building Systems Council on November 5, 2003. The award was given for the company’s model home design, The Savannah, in the category of “Manufacturer Member Modular Home Over 2, 200 Square Feet.”