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Cataler North America Plans to Invest in New Equipment

Lincolnton, NC-Manufacturers in Lincoln County continue to flourish as another announces plans to invest in production equipment. Cataler North America plans to invest 6.8 million dollars in new machinery with the help of the Lincoln County Industrial Incentive Grant. On Monday, August 20th, 2012, the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the request made by Kara Brown with Lincoln Economic Development Association on Cataler’s behalf.

Cataler North America is a major global producer of automotive catalysts and a primary supplier to Toyota Motor Corporation. The catalyst produced by Cataler is a key component in vehicle emissions technology. This equipment expansion is expected to support about twenty-five percent of Cataler’s current production demands.

“In spite of a weak economy Lincoln County continues to experience growth and continued successes within our existing industries. We are fortunate to have Cataler here in Lincoln County and we congratulate them on the announcement of their expansion. We are excited about what the future holds in our county with quality companies such as Cataler. They continue to make a positive impact on our community. With the continued support of our Lincoln Economic Development Team we are assured of a long and successful partnership as this company continues to grow and provide careers in our community. Congratulations.” Commented Alex Patton, Chairman of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners, in support of the incentive approval.

Tom Anderson, Chairman of Lincoln Economic Development Association Board of Directors said in response to the announcement, “We are grateful that Cataler has chosen to expand their investment in Lincoln County and wish them continued success and prosperity in the conduct of their business. This decision by Cataler makes clear once again the continuing employment benefits derived from our dedicated and successful existing business community. Cataler’s commitment and contribution to the community is well known and we look forward to the successful completion of this expansion.”

After being severely affected by last year’s Tsunami in Japan, Cataler has been able to fully recover from the catastrophe and is also reaping the rewards from consumer attention returning to Japanese manufacturers once lost to the US Big 3. Celebrating its tenth year of operations in Lincoln County, Cataler currently has 211 full-time employees. An additional four team members will be needed to support the expansion.