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Cataler North America is LEDA’s Industry of the Year

Lincoln County – Each year the Lincoln Economic Development Association (LEDA) presents the Industry of the Year Award at the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet. With the purpose of promoting and highlighting the contributions and exemplary corporate citizenship of Lincoln County’s existing industries, the Lincoln Economic Development Association proudly recognized Cataler North America as this year’s award winner at the annual banquet held, November 18th, 2010.

Based upon four categories, this award recognizes the industry that has the strongest qualifications and is most deserving based on the current year. First, the industry must have made a positive impact in Lincoln County. Second, the industry must be involved with the Lincoln County community through direct financial, time and/or other significant contributions. Next, the industry must be a leader in their field and have produced a positive performance during their last fiscal year. And finally, the industry must maintain the highest standards of conduct in working with the community, government, other business and their own employees.

As a requirement of their corporate mission, it is a goal of Cataler to “promote good corporate citizenship and community involvement.” It is not just the participation of the management that is encouraged, but also that of its team members. So much so, team member participation is measured as part of an annual evaluation process.

Among many of their contributions to Lincoln County, they are active participants in the Adopt a School program with GE Massey Elementary School. They start the school year for GE Massey with a $1500 contribution. The “Lunch Buddies” program is supported by Cataler each year and Cataler happily serves snow cones at field day events to the students.

Twice a year, the Cataler team is visible picking up trash on a two mile stretch of road off of Highway 321. This is done through the Adopt-A-highway program. Additionally, Cataler sponsors a YMCA corporate membership for all of its team members. Through this program, they pay the joining fee and 2/3rds of the monthly dues for its team members.

As a company, Cataler actively participates in a recycling program where the money raised is donated to the community of Lincoln County. Beneficiaries of this program include: Amy’s House, Christian Ministries and Hessed House of Hope. This year alone, Cataler has donated over $15,000 to these causes by way of this program.

Cataler has experienced growth and headcount over this past year. At this present time, they are the employer of 210 full-time team members. With their sales for 2010 nearly returning to pre-2008 totals, they are currently in the middle of a physical expansion that will add an additional 55,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space to their existing facility.

Additionally, Cataler has a reputation within their industry and the community for their honesty and firmly adheres to concepts they corporately regard as “fundamental principles of ethical business behavior.” Including: obeying the law, respecting the rights of competitors, avoiding conflicts of interest by their team members and a non-acceptance of kickbacks or gratuities of substantial value.

“I think this recognition reflects not only on us but also on the community that we have the good fortune to be in. With the terrific, continuous support from LEDA, and other county and local organizations, it’s easy to be as involved with the community as we have been, to solicit support when we need it, and to be confident we’ll always receive it. I’ve learned in life that it’s important to do well, as well as to be good. We’re proud to have done well enough that we can be good with respect to the community. We’re looking forward to continuing forward working closely together with LEDA, Lincoln County and our local organizations. Thanks so much for your role in our success,” commented Al Alvarez, Plant Manager for Cataler.

The Lincoln Economic Development Association recognizes and celebrates with Lincoln County the contributions made by this respectable corporate citizen. Cataler North America has served Lincoln County well in all categories and is certainly well deserving of this year’s Industry of the Year Award.