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Cataler North America Breaks Ground on Million Dollar Project in the Lincoln County Industrial Park

Cataler North America broke ground today on an 80,000 square foot expansion to the company’s manufacturing facility in the Lincoln County Industrial Park. Over the coming three years the project will bring an investment of $38 million to Lincoln County along with approximately 80 new jobs paying average weekly wages of $600.00.

Cataler North America, a subsidiary of the Cataler Corporation, which is owned by Toyota Motor Corporation, manufactures catalysts, the main component in catalytic converters. According to the company, “Our automotive catalysts effectively reduce toxic emissions in automobile exhaust gases while offering superior durability and heat resistance.”

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners continued to demonstrate their support to industry in Lincoln County by passing an incentive grant package for Cataler in December, 2005. The county offered Cataler an incentive grant of approximately $523,000 which will be paid out over a five-year period in equal installments. “We congratulate the employees and management of this firm for the success they have achieved and appreciate their decision to increase their presence in Lincoln County” commented Tom Anderson, chairman of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners. Anderson continued, “We believe this is yet another clear indication of Lincoln County’s dedication to providing an environment where our existing business interest can prosper. We wish Cataler continued success and growth.”

Cataler North America first began production at its $35 million, 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility in August of 2002. The company currently employs 115. This project will expand Cataler’s production capacity and allow for continued growth at the Lincoln County facility. “Cataler North America is a perfect example of why we make working with existing industry our top priority. This is a great success story and I look forward to continued growth at Cataler,” commented Laura Foor, existing business manager, Lincoln Economic Development Association.

The Cataler announcement follows an extremely successful 2005 in the Lincoln County Industrial Park. Australian Manufacturing, Inc., Robb & Stucky, RSI Home Products, LeeBoy and Crate & Barrel announced new facilities or expansions. These projects totaled $36,450,000 in investment and added 856,126 square feet to the industrial park. The Keith Corporation also announced it would construct two new shell buildings. Identified as Shell IV and V, the 105,137 and 38,480 square feet facilities are currently under construction.