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Bosch to invest $13.3 million at Lincolnton production facility, create over 50 new jobs

Charlotte Business Journal

A $13.3 million investment at Robert Bosch Tool Corp’s production facility in Lincolnton is expected to begin in early 2017, adding more than 50 jobs at the plant.

Most of the funds will be spent on new machinery and equipment to expand the production of cutting tools at the plant, which was built in 1976. Germany-based Bosch keeps its headquarters in Farmington Hills, Mich.

A $13.3 million investment at Robert Bosch Tool Corp’s production facility in Lincolnton….


“Increasing our Lincolnton capabilities is an exciting opportunity,” David Lee, director of packaging at the Bosch facility, said in a news release. “It shows the company’s confidence in our capabilities and associates to support this business.”

Lincoln County recently received a state Rural Infrastructure Authority grant worth $250,000 to support building renovations at the Bosch facility.

Bosch currently has more than 20 job postings listed for the Lincolnton plant on its website. Spokeswoman Linda Beckmeyer said she did not have additional information on the company’s hiring plans.

There are about 180 Bosch workers currently employed at the facility, she said.

Bosch invested $455 million in the entire North American region last year, up from $274 million in 2014. It says 18% of its total sales in 2015 came from North America.

Jenna Martin creates digital content for the Charlotte Business Journal’s website and other platforms.