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Bosch to Expand in Lincoln County

Robert Bosch Tool Corporation ~ Lincolnton Manufacturing Division, announced today it will expand its operations in Lincolnton, North Carolina. “We are working hard to capitalize on the opportunity we have to expand the Bosch power tools accessory business here in Lincolnton,” said David Lee, plant manager for the Lincolnton facility. Bosch will add manufacturing lines to produce bandsaws, economy steel circular saw blades, brush blades and masonry drill bits. The company expects to invest almost $2,000,000 in the project and hire an additional 45 associates.

The Lincolnton City Council and Lincoln County Board of Commissioners demonstrated their continued support of industry by passing incentive grants for Bosch. Lee commented, “Being able to work with officials in Lincolnton and in Lincoln County to earn these incentive grants will help us ensure our growth is successful.”

The company will receive incentive grants totaling approximately $27,000 from the county and $24,000 from the city. These grants will be paid out in equal installments over a five-year period. “We feel this is a win-win arrangement for the City and Bosch. The additional investment and jobs for the Lincolnton community are well worth the City’s participation,” stated Lincolnton city manager Jeff Emory.

Tom Anderson, chair of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners commented, “Lincoln County is again fortunate to have one of our existing firms make the decision to expand their operations. This decision will insure an increase in the job opportunities available to our workforce and continued participation of Robert Bosch Tool Corporation in our local economy. We sincerely appreciate this additional commitment to Lincoln County and believe it provides further evidence of Lincoln County’s commitment to the support of existing business.

Customized workforce development training, which will be funded through the North Carolina Community College System’s (NCCCS) New and Expanding Industry Training Program and administered through Gaston College, will provide much needed training assistance to Bosch. “With a national reputation for workforce development, Gaston College will work closely with representatives from Bosch to provide the necessary skills training for the newly hired manufacturing associates. The development of a well-trained workforce is what our community colleges in North Carolina do best” commented Maureen Little, Charlotte region customized training director for NCCCS.

Robert Bosch Tool Corporation has two facilities in Lincoln County, a manufacturing facility in the City of Lincolnton and a distribution center in the Indian Creek Industrial Park. Combined, the two facilities employ 512 individuals, making Bosch the third largest industrial employer in Lincoln County.