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Bosch Expands Capacity in Lincolnton, NC Plant

Mt. Prospect, Illinois – Robert Bosch Tool Corporation (Power Tools) has announced that it is in the process of increasing capacity in the Lincolnton, N.C. facility. As a result of the recently expanded conversion and packaging requirements, the Lincolnton facility will further extend its role as the North American Accessories converting, customizing and packaging center.

The resulting expansion in equipment in the facility is being made possible in large part by the support of the Lincoln Economic Development Association (LEDA), which went before the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners on February 20th, 2012, asking for incentives based on a proposed $3.5 million dollar expansion of machinery. “Requesting the incentives is only part of the process,” explains Kara Brown with LEDA. “An industry may want to invest in their operation and the approval of assistance from the Lincoln County Commissioners certainly helps in that decision making process. Bosch is a great example of how the incentive program can benefit our existing industries and assist in their growth opportunities.”

Tom Anderson, Chair of the Lincoln Economic Development Association Board of Directors, offers “Robert Bosch Tool Corporation’s announcement of an equipment expansion is welcome news from a company that has just turned 125 years old and has been in Lincoln County for over 35 years. This confirms Bosch is thriving, has great plans for its Lincoln County facility and sees Lincoln County as a continued great place to do business.”

“Robert Bosch Tool Corporation is committed to an investment in conversion, packaging and personnel in the Lincolnton facility,” said David Lee, Lincolnton Packaging and Quality Director. “We are very glad to be the recipient of the incentives from LEDA, allowing us to add the abrasives business to the capacity in Lincolnton,” adds Bernhard Schuster, president of the worldwide Robert Bosch Tool Corporation Accessories business. “We are equally glad that this incentive will result in the creation of new jobs in Lincolnton, further strengthening the Bosch commitment to the local community.”

The center in Lincolnton will be responsible for the conversion of various types of abrasives products being sold under different brands in the US and Canada, from the raw product to finished goods. In addition to this conversion of abrasives, the facility customizes and brands various types of accessory products for Bosch and other major retailers and industrial brands.

The facility began adding the abrasives over the spring and summer of 2011, and abrasive products are being delivered now from Lincolnton through different warehouses to retailers around the country.