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Blum, Inc. Plans Addition to Facility and US Production

Lincoln County, NC – The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners approved an incentive request made by the Lincoln Economic Development Association on behalf of Blum, Inc. at the February 21st Commissioners meeting. With the approval of the request, Blum, Inc. announces that it plans on investing 18.5 million dollars over the next two years in equipment upgrades and a facility expansion. As determined by the amount of the total investment and the Lincoln County Industrial Development Incentive Grant program, Blum qualified for a two hundred and eighty thousand dollar grant which will be distributed in equal amounts over a five-year period of time.

The majority of the investment will be in assembly equipment for Blum’s new line of concealed hinges for kitchen cabinets. Currently these hinges are manufactured at one of their facilities in Austria. Over the next few months Blum will be bringing the assembly of these hinges to their North Carolina facility. Also included in the investment will be an upgrade to their technical support facility. Best known for designing and manufacturing high quality functional hardware for kitchen cabinets, Blum also builds and maintains the machines that assemble these complex products. This expansion will enhance their machining capabilities and provide improved support for the maintenance of equipment and tooling.

In addition to an equipment and facility investment, additional people will be required. “Most importantly, it takes people to operate and maintain Blum’s advanced assembly machines 24 hours per day,” Karl Ruedisser, CEO and President of Blum US said. “Blum plans to create at least eight new full-time positions over the next two years with this expansion.”

“For over thirty years Blum has thrived and provided a significant amount of investment and jobs to Lincoln County. We appreciate the dedication Blum has continually extended and are excited to see good news coming out of eastern Lincoln County,” said Lincoln County Commissioner and Chair, Alex Patton.

“Blum comes through again,” states Tom Anderson, the Lincoln Economic Development Association Board Chair. “Blum is a tremendous asset to Lincoln County. We are excited about the future and what is yet to come from such an innovative industry.”