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Blum in Bloom

Stanley – Blum Inc. has announced plans for an equipment and tooling investment at its North American headquarters here, totaling $10 million.

The new investment will include metal stamping equipment, tooling and a new assembly machine. Blum manufactures functional hardware for kitchen cabinets and commercial case goods. The upgrades will be in place and operational in March of 2009.

Blum moved the stamping and assembly of its flagship product, Tandem plus Blumotion concealed runners, to its Stanley facility in 2006, said Karl Ruedisser, general manager and CEO of Blum.

“Now, with these further investments, Blum will be able to streamline the production process by also bringing in much of the assembly of Tandem’s component parts. Most importantly, these investments will help sustain existing U.S. jobs,” Ruedisser said in a press release.

Lincoln County commissioners helped solidify Blum’s decision by awarding the company approximately $160,000 in incentives. Blum will receive the grant in equal payments over a five-year period.

Lincoln County Commission Chair Tom Anderson said, “In these very challenging economic times, we are most appreciative of thes decision by Blum to a significantly increased commitment to their manufacturing operations here in Lincoln County.”

“We appreciate the contributions Blum has made to Lincoln County in the past and look forward to their continued success in the future.”