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Alpharma Named 2005 Industry of the Year

Alpharma has been named Lincoln County’s Industry of the Year by Lincoln Economic Development Association (LEDA). This award is presented annually by LEDA to promote and highlight the contributions and exemplary corporate citizenship of existing industry in Lincoln County.

The award is based on a set of criteria. First, the industry must have made a positive impact in Lincoln County within the last year. Second, the industry must be involved with the Lincoln community through direct financial, time and/or other significant contributions. Next, the industry must be a leader in their field and have produced a positive performance during their last fiscal year. Finally, the industry must maintain the highest standards of conduct in working with the community, government, other business and their own employees.

Alpahrma is a leader in its industry and has called Lincoln County home for 16 years. During this time the company has helped set the standard for corporate citizenship. From the American Red Cross to the United Way to the Adopt-A-School program, the company gives countless hours of volunteer time. Alpharma has given financial support to the community which has benefited organizations such as Gaston College, Lincoln County YMCA and numerous Lincoln County agencies and ministries. “I do not have enough time tonight to name each and every contribution and activity of this organization. I would, however, like to stress the importance of this industry to the Lincoln community,” commented Harold Howard, Jr., LEDA chairman.

In September Alpharma announced it will expand its existing laboratory and add additional filling and line capacity to the manufacturing operation. The expansion will represent an investment of $7,000,000 in Lincoln County and create at least 10 new jobs paying average weekly wages of $620.

According to Alpharma, the company “is a leading manufacturer of generic pharmaceutical products in the U.S., offering solid, liquid and topical pharmaceuticals. It is also one of the largest suppliers of generic solid dose pharmaceuticals in Europe, with a growing presence in Southeast Asia.” Locally the company employs around 190 individuals, making it Lincoln County’s tenth largest employer.