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Lincoln County: Lincoln Economic Development Association (LEDA) celebrates with a ribbon cutting the opening of Airlie Business Park at Ingleside on August 23, 2011. The park consists of 231 acres, located off new Hwy 16 and Optimist Club Road in Denver, NC.

The development of the park is a collaborative effort between LEDA and Lincoln County. LEDA obtained the options on the 231 acres from the Clark family in order to market and sale to businesses, while Lincoln County provided infrastructure installation. Lincoln County was approved for grants, totaling $785,500 from the NC Rural Center and the NC Department of Commerce, to assist with the infrastructure of the park. Duke Energy and Piedmont Natural Gas are both partners in this endeavor, providing utilities throughout the business park.

LEDA announced back in December 2010 that Hydac Technology Corporation, a German based company, will be the first tenant with plans to construct a 60,000 square foot facility for their cooling system division. Hydac purchased over 12 acres in June 2011.

“Projects like this don’t just happen, it takes a cooperative effort among local government, LEDA and the citizens of Lincoln County; we are fortunate to have a common purpose in order to initiate projects such as this.” Says, Tom Anderson, Chairman, Lincoln Economic Development Association.

George Arena, Lincoln County Board of Commissioners, “Two of our goals at the county level are to one, diversify our tax base and two bring higher paying jobs to our community. With Airlie Business Park we have a great opportunity to work towards these goals.

“On behalf of the Rural Center Board of Directors and our President, Billy Ray Hall, we thank you all for allowing us to be a partner on this important project. The Rural Center is dedicated to improving the quality of life for rural North Carolinians; we accomplish the mission by providing funds for infrastructure improvements. Our board awarded $580,000 to Lincoln County to assist with infrastructure in Airlie Business Park.” Says, George Collier, NC Rural Center.

David Clark says, “Perseverance is what it took to make the vision of my father become reality. This vision originated over forty years ago with my father and community leaders and has finally come to fruition for the Clark family. We are fortunate that our father left us with a legacy so we can give back to the community; we appreciate the cooperative efforts of LEDA and Lincoln County to help make Airlie Business Park happen.

About LEDA

Lincoln Economic Development Association is a private, 501c(3) non-profit corporation charged with facilitating industrial and office development in Lincolnton and Lincoln County. LEDA’s mission is to foster an economic environment that promotes an enhancement of the standard of living by creating more and better jobs for the citizens of Lincolnton and Lincoln County and an increased and diversified tax base to provide needed community services. The organization’s goals include retention and expansion of existing business; attraction of diversified base industries and improvement of the overall business climate within Lincolnton and Lincoln County.