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Advance Machine and Fabrication Receives Award

Advanced Machine and Fabrication, located in Denver, is the recipient of the 2010, Minds That Matter, Advanced Manufacturing Award for “Best Process Improvement.” The award winner was selected by an independent judging panel including managers from manufacturing firms, academia and research leaders.

Opening in 1999 and operated by Mike Barr, Vice-President, and Elizabeth Barr, President, Advanced Machine has manufactured products, mostly cut from metals, for a wide range of industries including: aerospace, automotive, motorsports, medical and safety.

Sponsored by the Centralina Economic Development Commission, the Advanced Manufacturing Awards ceremony held its inaugural event June 24th in Concord, NC. Established and created through the Minds that Manufacture initiative, the awards were designed to support and highlight advanced manufacturing in the region and cultivate a hot spot with bright minds, new ideas, innovative talent and resources to allow advanced manufacturing companies to compete and thrive.

Lincoln County Commissioner George Arena, board member for both LEDA and the CEDC, was pleased to present the award to Advanced Machine and Fabrication. “Advanced Machine and Fabrication is indicative of some of the skill and capability found in firms throughout Lincoln County. It is important that we support our existing businesses as they work to grow in this challenging economy.”

Lincoln Economic Development Association chairman, Pete Acker, “Advanced Machine and Fabrication is proving themselves as a leader, an innovator and committed to working hard to get better results. This award is very impressive.”