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Actavis further expanding

Actavis Corporation announced plans to expand operations at Indian Creek Industrial Park via installation of new manufacturing equipment for liquid pharmaceuticals and make internal modifications to its facility. The expansion represents a $14 million investment and the creation of 50 new jobs. It’s the second expansion announcement in a year according to a release from the Lincoln Economic Development Association. The company announced a $7 million expansion to enlarge its existing laboratory space and add additional filling capacity to the manufacturing operation. The combined investment over the past year equals $21 million. Tom Anderson, chairman of the Lincoln County Commission, said during last year’s announcement he looked forward to future announcements. At the announcement made Thursday, Anderson said he looks forward to even more announcements. “With our strong existing business program, we want to support Actavis and help them to continue to grow in Lincoln County, “said Anderson. LEDA executive director, Barry Matherly said it’s yet another international company expanding in the community. “Everyone in the region is talking about growing the biotechnology industry,” said Matherly. “In Lincoln County, we are making it happen.” Actavis’ recent acquisition of generic drug maker Alpharma, the previous Lincoln County operation, positioned the company among the five leading generic pharmaceutical companies in the world. The company has over 10,000 employees in 30 countries. Founded in 1956, the group operates in five of the seven continents and its headquarters are based in Iceland.