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Lincoln is Home to New parts Manufacturer

A new manufacturing company has made Lincoln County home. Allied Separation Technology, Inc., 1652 S. Industrial Park Road, is one of only eight companies world-wide to manufacture specialized parts, known as air-oil separators. Used in air compression engines, the separators are integral for reducing waste during oil filtration, said George Skelton, Allied’s director of materials. In the exhaust systems of compression engines, air-oil separators grab misted oil as it passes through the filter, he explained. The oil used in such systems often costs more than $25 a gallon. Allied is owned and operated by mike and Lorie Williams of Lincolnton. Mike Williams also owns Aire Supply, which acts as Allied’s distributor. Initial sales are going extremely well, mike Williams said. The products Allied manufactures are being sold world-side, and the company has established contracts with Ingersoll-Rand, Sullair, Quincy, Gardner Denver and Atlas Copco. The company currently employs 12 people, and, Mike Williams said, Allied could potentially employ 50. During such tough economic times, new industry investments are tough to come by, said Laura Foor, existing business coordinator for the Lincoln Economic Development Association. “In the economic downturn, a lot of counties are losing companies,” Foor said. “It’s great to see new companies investing in Lincoln County.” The Williams’ would have it no other way. When asked why they chose to locate their company in Lincoln County, they cited the county’s keen sense of community. “In Lincoln County you can get involved in the community,” Mike Williams said. “If you are truly interested in your fellow man, this is the place to be.”