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Lincoln County Industries Celebrate Years of Success


Lincolnton, NC – Lincoln Economic Development Association celebrated the combined achievements of longevity and success with local businesses while hosting the twelfth annual Milestone Achievement Awards Luncheon at Homesteads Grille. Sixteen manufacturers and distributors from Lincoln County, were recognized for their past, present and future commitment to the community.

Bo King, Lincoln Economic Development Association Board Chair hosted the event. Those present to assist in the recognition of the Milestone Achievement Recipients for this year and special guests were, County Commission Chair, Cecelia Martin and Lincolnton Mayor, Ed Hatley.

Those industries present to receive their 2016 Milestone Achievement Awards included: 5 Years: Aptar and Main Filter; 10 Years: Kaco USA and The Walking Company; 15 Years: Metal Roofing Systems and Modacam, Inc; 25 Years: Tenowo, McMurray Fabrics and Packaging Unlimited; 30 Years: Lincolnton-Lincoln County Regional Airport; 35 Years: VT LeeBoy and Husky Rack and Wire; 40 Years: Robert Bosch Tool Corporation; 45 Years: Dellinger Precast.

In addition to the awards presented at the ceremony, others reaching milestones this year include: Kirk & Matz, 5 years and Vaseleniuck Engine Development, 15 years.

Bo King, Chair, Lincoln Economic Development Association commented, “Today’s recognition of the Lincoln County industries who have achieved a milestone in their business operation is a reason to celebrate. Sixteen companies recognized today have made Lincoln County their home. It is our privilege to thank them for their contribution to our community and wish them may years more of tremendous success.”

“The Milestone Achievement Awards is one of my favorite events. These companies and entrepreneurs have worked hard to be successful, often making great sacrifices and tough decisions in order to be so. To say “thank you” just doesn’t seem sufficient. This is LEDA’s opportunity to show appreciation for the contributions each have made to Lincoln County and the City of Lincolnton,” said Kara Brown, Existing Business Manager with LEDA.