Entrepreneur Resources

legg-logoLEGG was established to be a go-to resource for businesses that want to grow.

The “sweet spot” for most community entrepreneur support programs is to target entrepreneurs who have started a company that is between one and five years old and want to grow it, regardless of size.  They have developed distinctive advantages in their product, process or delivery method that is empowering their growth, and they are ready to grow into a Stage 2 enterprise.

LEGG is charged with the task of helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow their business beyond the start-up stage through the established Entrepreneur Growth Program.  We have a strong local referral network and will provide you access to appropriate professional business services in areas such as finance, legal and accounting, marketing, human resources and the list continues to expand as we proactively seek the best in their fields to serve Lincoln County businesses wanting to grow.

How to Apply for Services

Please call Rhonda Hunter, Entrepreneur Growth Specialist at 704-732-1511 x 1 or email rhonda@lincolneda.org to set up an appointment.

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See PDFs below for more information