Entrepreneur Growth

legg-logoAre you ready to take your business to the next level?
Are you an entrepreneur or business owner in Lincoln County?
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LEGG (Lincoln Entrepreneur Growth Group) – The Lincoln Entrepreneur Growth Group (LEGG) is made up of government, nonprofit and for profit professionals who are committed to supporting and helping entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their companies to their fullest potential.

Tools for Business – Find Local Resources Fast, Find Professional Services, Free or low-cost one-on-one help, Innovation and Technology, Funding Programs, Help Finding a Business Location, Marketing & Selling, Think Globally, Employer Assistance, Networking & Social Media, and more.

Entrepreneur Resources – We have a strong local referral network and will provide you access to appropriate professional business services in areas such as finance, legal and accounting, marketing, human resources and the list continues to expand as we proactively seek the best in their fields to serve Lincoln County businesses wanting to grow.